supportedLocales property

Iterable<Locale> supportedLocales

The list of locales that this app has been localized for.

By default only the American English locale is supported. Apps should configure this list to match the locales they support.

This list must not null. It's default value is just [const Locale('en', 'US')]. It is passed along unmodified to the WidgetsApp built by this widget.

The order of the list matters. By default, if the device's locale doesn't exactly match a locale in supportedLocales then the first locale in supportedLocales with a matching Locale.languageCode is used. If that fails then the first locale in supportedLocales is used. The default locale resolution algorithm can be overridden with localeResolutionCallback.

The material widgets include translations for locales with the following language codes:

ar - Arabic
de - German
en - English
es - Spanish
fa - Farsi (Persian)
fr - French
he - Hebrew
it - Italian
ja - Japanese
ps - Pashto
pt - Portugese
ro - Romanian
ru - Russian
sd - Sindhi
ur - Urdu
zh - Chinese (simplified)


final Iterable<Locale> supportedLocales