package_config.discovery library


findPackages(Uri baseUri, { Future<List<int>> loader(Uri unsupportedUri) }) Future<Packages>
Discover the package configuration for a Dart script. [...]
findPackagesFromFile(Uri fileBaseUri) Packages
Finds a package resolution strategy for a local Dart script. [...]
findPackagesFromNonFile(Uri nonFileUri, { Future<List<int>> loader(Uri name) }) Future<Packages>
Finds a package resolution strategy for a Dart script. [...]
getPackagesDirectory(Uri packagesDir) Packages
Create a Packages object for a package directory. [...]
loadPackagesFile(Uri packagesFile, { Future<List<int>> loader(Uri uri) }) Future<Packages>
Reads a package resolution file and creates a Packages object from it. [...]