SemanticsConfiguration class

Describes the semantic information associated with the owning RenderObject.

The information provided in the configuration is used to to generate the semantics tree.




decreasedValue String
The value that value will have after performing a SemanticsAction.decrease action. [...]
read / write
explicitChildNodes bool
Whether the configuration forces all children of the owning RenderObject that want to contribute semantic information to the semantics tree to do so in the form of explicit SemanticsNodes. [...]
read / write
hasBeenAnnotated bool
Whether this configuration is empty. [...]
hint String
A brief description of the result of performing an action on this node. [...]
read / write
increasedValue String
The value that value will have after performing a SemanticsAction.increase action. [...]
read / write
isBlockingSemanticsOfPreviouslyPaintedNodes bool
Whether the owning RenderObject makes other RenderObjects previously painted within the same semantic boundary unreachable for accessibility purposes. [...]
read / write
isButton bool
Whether the owning RenderObject is a button (true) or not (false).
read / write
isChecked bool
If this node has Boolean state that can be controlled by the user, whether that state is on or off, corresponding to true and false, respectively. [...]
read / write
isEnabled bool
Whether the owning RenderObject is currently enabled. [...]
read / write
isFocused bool
Whether the owning RenderObject currently holds the user's focus.
read / write
isInMutuallyExclusiveGroup bool
Whether the owning RenderObject corresponds to UI that allows the user to pick one of several mutually exclusive options. [...]
read / write
isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants bool
Whether the semantic information provided by the owning RenderObject and all of its descendants should be treated as one logical entity. [...]
read / write
isSelected bool
Whether the owning RenderObject is selected (true) or not (false).
read / write
isSemanticBoundary bool
Whether the RenderObject owner of this configuration wants to own its own SemanticsNode. [...]
read / write
isTextField bool
Whether the owning RenderObject is a text field.
read / write
label String
A textual description of the owning RenderObject. [...]
read / write
onCopy VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.copy. [...]
read / write
onCut VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.cut. [...]
read / write
onDecrease VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.decrease. [...]
read / write
onIncrease VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.increase. [...]
read / write
onLongPress VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.longPress. [...]
read / write
onMoveCursorBackwardByCharacter MoveCursorHandler
The handler for SemanticsAction.onMoveCursorBackwardByCharacter. [...]
read / write
onMoveCursorForwardByCharacter MoveCursorHandler
The handler for SemanticsAction.onMoveCursorForwardByCharacter. [...]
read / write
onPaste VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.paste. [...]
read / write
onScrollDown VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.scrollDown. [...]
read / write
onScrollLeft VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.scrollLeft. [...]
read / write
onScrollRight VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.scrollRight. [...]
read / write
onScrollUp VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.scrollUp. [...]
read / write
onSetSelection SetSelectionHandler
The handler for SemanticsAction.setSelection. [...]
read / write
onShowOnScreen VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.showOnScreen. [...]
read / write
onTap VoidCallback
The handler for SemanticsAction.tap. [...]
read / write
sortOrder SemanticsSortOrder
The semantics traversal order. [...]
read / write
tagsForChildren Iterable<SemanticsTag>
The set of tags that this configuration wants to add to all child SemanticsNodes. [...]
textDirection TextDirection
The reading direction for the text in label, value, hint, increasedValue, and decreasedValue.
read / write
textSelection TextSelection
The currently selected text (or the position of the cursor) within value if this node represents a text field.
read / write
value String
A textual description for the current value of the owning RenderObject. [...]
read / write
hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited


absorb(SemanticsConfiguration other) → void
Absorb the semantic information from other into this configuration. [...]
addTagForChildren(SemanticsTag tag) → void
Specifies a SemanticsTag that this configuration wants to apply to all child SemanticsNodes. [...]
copy() SemanticsConfiguration
Returns an exact copy of this configuration.
getActionHandler(SemanticsAction action) → _SemanticsActionHandler
Returns the action handler registered for action or null if none was registered. [...]
isCompatibleWith(SemanticsConfiguration other) bool
Whether this configuration is compatible with the provided other configuration. [...]
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]
toString() String
Returns a string representation of this object.


operator ==(other) bool
The equality operator. [...]