MediaQueryData constructor

const MediaQueryData({Size size:, double devicePixelRatio: 1.0, double textScaleFactor: 1.0, EdgeInsets padding:, EdgeInsets viewInsets:, bool alwaysUse24HourFormat: false, bool accessibleNavigation: false, bool invertColors: false, bool disableAnimations: false, bool boldText: false })

Creates data for a media query with explicit values.

Consider using MediaQueryData.fromWindow to create data based on a Window.


const MediaQueryData({
  this.size =,
  this.devicePixelRatio = 1.0,
  this.textScaleFactor = 1.0,
  this.padding =,
  this.viewInsets =,
  this.alwaysUse24HourFormat = false,
  this.accessibleNavigation = false,
  this.invertColors = false,
  this.disableAnimations = false,
  this.boldText = false,